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Dust Broom

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What All Dust pans Need

Why shouldn't basic kitchen accessories be decorative? Most of the time a dust broom is hidden away in the broom closet. Donít all dust pans deserve a quality, great looking dust broom? This is an item that you don't think about until you need it. But when you need a dust broom, you are very happy you have one. Whatís great about this handy model is the delightful all natural colored bristles. Made of 100% renewable sorghum and bamboo, they really pop. And donít worry they are colored with non-toxic dyes. Make a colorful dust broom, broom and dustpan part of your kitchen decor.

Match the dust broom to our broom and dustpan set or just buy it all by itself. If itís the little things that make a house a homeÖ.here you go, decorative dust brooms. Every time you open your broom closet or look at your garage wall, you will get a jolt of cheerful color.

  • Dust broom is 13.5" long x 4.5 " wide.

  • Price: $14.00
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    Dust Broom