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Decorative Wall Hooks

Decorative Wall HooksDecorative Wall Hooks
Decorative Hooks to Hang Your Dish Towels, Keys, Caps…
These decorative wall hooks will keep you sane. Use them for key hooks or dish towel hooks; you’ll never lose your keys and towels again. These decorative wall hooks are like having a time saver for wall decor. They are made of tin, a simple material, but they are anything but simple. The designs on our decorative wall hooks are vintage advertisements for French products. Put a little history in your wall decor mix with these interesting decorative wall hooks. The art makes ordinary hooks decorative wall hooks.

Use for decorative kitchen hooks or in any room where you need to hang things. These hooks will fit right in with your kitchen decor. They don’t take up much room but they do a big job.

  • Cat motif hooks are 13" wide by 4" tall with 4 hooks.
  • All other hooks are 3” x 8.5 with 3 hooks.
  • Outdoor thermometer: 2.5 x 11 inches.
  • Imported from France by Decorative Things

  • Decorative Wall Hooks CatsDecorative Wall Hooks Cats
    Price: $25.00

    Decorative Thermometer Outdoor CatsDecorative Thermometer Outdoor Cats
    Price: $24.00

    Decorative Wall Hooks ViolettesDecorative Wall Hooks Violettes
    Price: $20.00

    Decorative Wall Hooks Mushrooms Decorative Wall Hooks Mushrooms
    Price: $20.00

    Decorative Wall Hooks VegetablesDecorative Wall Hooks Vegetables
    Price: $20.00

    Decorative Wall Hooks

    Decorative wall hooks are for people who enjoy the details of decorative home decor. Decorative hooks are those unsung organizers in our house that you will use everyday and take for granted but will save you so much time. Why not make your wall hooks into decorative wall hooks? With these decorative wall hooks, you may even get some compliments on your wall hooks. Afterall, wall hooks deserve fifteen minutes of fame too.

    Note on one of our decorative hooks: The hook with the four cats is taken from the poster for a famous 19th century cabaret in Paris, Le Chat Noir. Many famous people including Picasso hung out at Le Chat Noir. Our decorative wall hooks are works are truly works of art!
    le chat noir poster
    Poster for Le Chat Noir
    drawing of Le Chat Noir
    Drawing of Le Chat Noir 1906

    Decorative Wall Hooks