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Decorative Soaps

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And Matching Soap Dishes

  • Why bring flowers if you know your hostess will have a bunch already? Scented soaps in gardenia, or grapefruit are a welcome, imaginative change to the usual, more expected flowers or wine as a hostess gift. Our decorative soaps are pretty inside and out. They're in the tradition of the finest French soaps. As the French say, “ils sont tres jolie.”

    Each extra large decorative soap bar weighs 9 ounces.
  • Triple-milled soap which means fragrance is distributed evenly.
  • Long lasting soap formula.
  • Contains the finest moisturizing ingredients: pure vegetable palm oil, glycerin, shea butter.

  • Decorative Soaps MagnoliaDecorative Soaps Magnolia

    Decorative Soap Dish MagnoliaDecorative Soap Dish Magnolia

    Decorative Soaps PrimroseDecorative Soaps Primrose

    How to Use Decorative Soaps

    These scented and long lasting soaps make an everyday activity like washing and bathing special. A basket of decorative soaps that are scented soap too - or just one bar in a bathroom- is one of those decorative details that pleases the senses. Our scented decorative soaps are perfect to use for guest soaps, since they make a powder room or bathroom smell good. Add one of our glass soap dishes for an extra touch.

    For a more lasting relaxation fix, scented soaps are a luxurious way to pamper yourself after a long week or a long day. Decorative soaps that smell good are a wonderful small luxury when you want something more than super market soaps.Get into bed feeling relaxed and smelling good after a bath or shower with a bar of magnolia or gardenia soap. It's almost as good as a walk in the garden.

    Not that the usual Dove, Ivory and Irish Spring don't have their place, but you would never give a bar of one of them as a hostess gift or to a friend for a pick me up. Sometimes decorative soaps are even called hostess soaps. At your own home, it’s pretty to have a few bars of decorative soaps unopened next to the opened one in the powder room, especially when the packaging is so pretty. Make your guest bathroom an instant spa oasis. Put a basket of decorative soaps by the sink with some pretty decorative towels and you have instant decorative accents that are also useful necessities.

    Make your powder room smell as good as a garden with plenty of scented soaps. When decorating, it's wonderful to appeal to all the senses including smell. Scented decorative soaps appeal to more than one of our five senses. Be scented, be sensual.

    Decorative Soaps