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Decorative Kitchen Egg Tray

Decorative Kitchen Egg TrayClick to EnlargeDecorative Kitchen Egg Tray

An Egg Holder to Keep All Your Eggs in a Row

This wacky chicken egg tray is adorable to use for egg storage. Why not use a decorative kitchen egg tray to keeps eggs organized in the refrigerator? Designed in the UK. We're told that the chickens on these egg trays are meant to be free range, independent and wacky. Let them roam free in your fridge while your decorative kitchen egg tray keeps things together.

You can also use an attractive decorative kitchen egg tray for serving deviled eggs or hard boiled eggs. Putting out a decorative kitchen egg tray hard boiled eggs at breakfast time is a great way to let everyone help themselves in the morning. You can use the egg tray in the fridge afterwards with any leftover eggs for low calorie snacks and sandwiches.

A decorative kitchen egg tray is a very useful, practical kitchen storage container. Why have an ordinary cardboard egg rack, when you can have a decorative one as part of your kitchen decor?

  • Durable porcelain egg tray that feels more like pottery.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Choose from a small decorative kitchen egg tray for six eggs or a larger egg rack for twelve eggs.
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  • Decorative Kitchen Egg Tray

    We love decorative trays of any sort. Trays for serving, ottomans, tv trays and more. But an egg tray is one of our favorites. It may sit incubating in the fridge most of the time but it is something that will make you smile when you use it, especially a decorative kitchen egg tray with chickens on it. Which came first the chicken or the egg is something you can ponder all day but using an egg holder is a "no brainer."

    When the eggs arrive in that gray cardboard or white foamy material box, isn't it nice to have a pretty bone chine decorative kitchen egg rack to put the eggs into inside your fridge? Sometimes it's the little things in life that give us a thrill. When you make scrambled eggs, omelets or egg salad, pull out your little egg rack and enjoy it. An egg holder is not just for egg storage after all.

    Decorative Kitchen Egg Tray