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Butlers Tray

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Trays With Many Uses

There are all sorts of trays in the world but a butlers tray is my favorite. I have a collection. I used to give them as gifts so much that I started a company to manufacture them. A butlers tray is simply a tray with sides and handles. It can be used for a tv tray for eating Chinese take-out, a breakfast tray for breakfast in bed, a lap tray or fancy buffet tray, a big bar tray or a serving tray for parties. There’s no end of uses for a butlers tray. And when it’s not in use, you can lean a butler tray on your kitchen counter for decoration or hang it up as wall decor.
  • 16” x 22” butlers trays. Made in the USA.
  • Completely waterproof. Lightweight, durable, large and decorative trays.

  • Butlers Tray Bargello PinkButlers Tray Bargello Pink

    Butlers Tray Bargello BlueButlers Tray Bargello Blue

    Butlers Tray

    Think of a butlers tray as an important design element in your home. Just like a decorative throw pillow, a rug or a painting, a butlers tray can make a statement and add warmth to a room. The Today Show did a segment on how to turn your favorite outfit into a room. Our butlers tray is a great example of how to do that. The fact that we use fabric to make our butlers tray gives us a lot of latitude. We sell a lot of butlers trays. Pick the one that matches your personality.

    Missoni zig zag bargello prints are a hot fashion design element now so our Bargello print butlers tray is right up to the minute dressed in a cool zig zag print. But don’t worry about being a “Fashionista”, Bargello is a classic design that is here to stay. Leave it to the Italians to adapt an eighteenth century design and make it so modern. In Florence, there is a bargello museum devoted to the design with zig zag prints. Butler’s trays have been around a long time too.

    If you are a garden lover, we offer a butlers tray in a trellis design. They are lovely for a garden room feel. Think breakfast in bed in Dorothy Draper style. Ours is a green trellis. As you know Draper loved trellis designs and did wallpaper and everything else in them in many colors, from green to pink to black. Draper would have loved our trellis butlers tray.

    Those of you who read shelter magazines and blogs for the home and see ikat fabric everywhere on their pages, may have seen our blue and white Ikat butlers trays. They have been in In Style, Oprah, Domino and more cool magazines. But what’s coolest is your own home. Pick the butlers tray style that you like and fill the tray with your favorite goodies.

    We also have wood serving trays that are butlers trays.

    Butlers Tray