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Bargello Decorative Throw Pillows

Bargello Decorative Throw PillowsClick to EnlargeBargello Decorative Throw Pillows

Zig Zag & Flamestitch Design Pillows

Images from the rockiní sixties are always fun. Zig zag designs are iconic. Put on some Beatles music, a pair of worn bell bottoms and youíve got all the ingredients for a fun evening. Almost everyone loves The Beatles. Like Beatles songs, bargello decorative throw pillows appeal to all ages. Maybe they are your Motherís pillows, but you will enjoy them too.

  • Size is 23" x 17".
  • Pillow insert is included in price of sofa pillows.
  • Just like The Beatles, our Bargello throw pillows were created in England, by Jan Constantine.
  • See our embroidered pillows too.

  • Bargello Pillow BlackBargello Pillow Black
    Price: $129.00

    Bargello Pillow MultiBargello Pillow Multi
    Price: $129.00

    Bargello Decorative Throw Pillows

    For anyone interested in decorative fabrics or textiles, bargello has a captivating history.
    The images to the right illustrate the design with rounded edges and with pointed ones, the latter are more commonly called flame stitch.

    No one really knows where Barello originated. It's an Italian word and the Italians are known for it. But there are scholarly hypotheses that the embroidered needlework technique was originally done in Hungary and that when a Hungarian married a Medici, the Florentines adopted the motifs. In Italian, Bargello is also referred to as Hungarian Point. There is a Bargello Museum in Florence. Wouldn't that be a fun place to visit!
    Recently there was a fascinating panel discussion at The Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design in conjunction with the Sonia Delauney show. One of the panelists was Luca Missoni. He said that the French painter and designer Sonia Delauney(1885-1979) had greatly influenced his mother, Rosita and the Missoni designs which are fabulous examples of bargello or flamestitch like motifs.
    Sonia Delaunay in her studio, Paris 1920s
    The Missonis
    Bargello is also sometimes called zig zag, chevron or flame stitch. According to Apartment Therapy, flamestitch is all the rage in home decor these days.

    Bargello or Zig zag designs are classic decorative motifs. They even have their own Wikipedia pages.

    Bargello Decorative Throw Pillows